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Your complete guide to smart security:

✓ Can technology make your home more secure?

✓ What are the best home security systems?

✓ Where to start with smart home security…

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We are usually pretty willing to splash the cash when it comes to the security of our homes and everything (and everyone) in it, after all, why compromise on our safety? And there is already a huge amount of seriously impressive tech out there to turn our home into some kind of suburban fortress.

But, unfortunately our willingness to spend on our safety can also leave us prone to buying a whole load of dud security products too.

We take a look at the range of wireless and smart security technology currently on the market to see which live up to the billing, and which are just daylight robbery (sorry).

Smart doorbells 

Whether you have an elderly relative who is afraid to answer the door,
have problems getting to the door yourself, or simply like to avoid door-to-door canvassers at all costs, a smart doorbell could be the perfect solution.

Operating via your home wifi connection, a smart doorbell will allow you to see who is at your front door, and speak to them via your mobile phone or tablet from wherever you happen to be…the sofa, a nice hot bath, or your sunlounger in Miami. But which smart doorbell is the best on the market?

Smart lighting

Right at the dawn of home security measures was ‘leaving a light on’, followed by setting a mains timer before you go on holiday. Both of which feel positively prehistoric in the face of the smart lighting systems now on the market that allow you to control your home lighting from anywhere with a wifi signal. We look at the best of the smart lighting systems.

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Smart Baby Monitors


We all go a bit nuts when our new bundles of joy arrive – and can be prone to buying all sorts of gubbins that are quickly consigned to the back of the cupboard. However, baby monitors are likely to be one of the most important purchases we make – but which model is the best out there?

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Blood pressure monitors

Your blood pressure is like a crystal ball to your future health. Regularly monitoring your blood pressure and making a few lifestyle adjustments can help you avoid some of the biggest silent killers like heart attacks and type 2 diabetes. But are blood pressure monitors worth spending your money on?