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Dyson V6 Vacuum

The cordless vacuum used to be limited to ugly handheld devices which gave you a stingy five minutes to clean inside your car before they whimpered to a stop requiring new batteries or a lengthy recharge. And anyone with kids will know that five minutes is not enough to deal with just the raisins stuck to the back seat, let alone sufficient for dealing with the whole of your house.

However, the age of the quality cordless vacuum cleaner is finally here. And with it, you can kiss goodbye to running up and down stairs to change sockets just to reach the top step and the inevitable moment that the cord rewind feature breaks leaving you with three metres of cord to untangle every time you want to vacuum.

So which cordless vacuum models are getting all the plaudits and which just erm, suck (ahem)?

Wifimypad’s top pick is…the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson V6 close up
Why we bought the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum
✓ Excellent reviews from tech site after tech site

✓ High on performance and design

✓ Weight distribution means you can easily clean high up too

✓ Dyson’s always score highly in the looks department

✓ A wide choice of models within the V6 range

✓ For us there is no other choice for The Wifi Pad

✓ Price at time of writing – £249 (Currys)

Why did the Dyson V6 tick our boxes?

There are an increasing number of cordless vacuum cleaners on the market – so what made us choose the Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum for The Wifi Pad?

Following are the performance categories we were looking at, and what made the V6 such an impressive all-rounder:

Functionality – does it have decent suction? Is it equally effective on carpets and hard floors?
You’d be hard pressed to find a Dyson vacuum that doesn’t feature in a ‘best of’ list and the Dyson V6 is no exception.

The Dyson V6 range of cordless vacuums offers a variety of different functions, and of the V6 range, the Dyson V6 comes with the least attachments – that being reflected in the cheaper price.

However, the attachments it does come with are likely to be more than adequate for the vast majority of you who like us, probably don’t lose too much sleep over having to vacuum without the benefit a specialist upholstery attachment.

Battery life - can you clean your house on a single charge? How long does it take to recharge the battery?
If there is an area to criticise when it comes to Dyson it’s battery life. The 20 minutes you get with the V6 falls a long way short of the 40 minutes on offer from the Gtech AirRam vacuum and probably isn’t quite enough to get around a family-sized home in one go which means you’ll have to take a break to recharge…which now we come to mention it sounds quite nice.
Does it look good? – ok, so you’re not hanging it on the wall but aesthetics still count.
It’s a Dyson – what do you think? Of course it looks good.
Value for money – what’s the premium on going wireless when it comes to vacuum cleaners? Can you still get value for money?
The bottom line is: no Dysons are cheap, however, this model is the cheapest of the V6 range due to the absence of several extra – and some might say unnecessary – attachments.

With Dyson you are paying for proven performance and reliability, reviews on this model are glowing from critics and customers alike, and that speaks for itself.

We also considered the fact that this cordless vacuum isn’t just meant to tackle a few car crumbs, it is a replacement for your regular vacuum which may make you less horrified by the price tag.

The home foot spa test – a.k.a. is this a genuinely useful smart product, we’ll give the heave-ho to products that you are likely to only use once before relegating them to the local charity shop collection box.
Our Dyson is up there among our favourite ever (yes, EVER ever) gadget purchases, we use it daily (and we are by no means clean freaks – a Dyson cordless is just hyper-convenient for dealing with the little jobs that you’d normally be shuffling around on your hands and knees with a dustpan and brush to deal with). It certainly won’t become one of those gadgets that gets consigned to the back of the cupboard after two goes.

But where the reviewers are undecided is whether a handheld cordless vacuum is a viable replacement for, or something to purchase in addition to, a regular vacuum.

In reality that comes down to each individual, how large your home is, and how much cleaning you do.

What do others have to say about the Dyson V6?

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Videos about the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum

Dyson V6 official video

Dyson V6 Absolute CAR-nage

Which other cordless vacuum cleaners did we check out?

Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum

The Gtech AirRam is an extremely tempting cordless vacuum, putting most other cordless models in the shade when it comes to battery life. It gives an impressive 40 minutes cleaning which should be more than adequate to get around a regular sized home. While it’s not in quite the same league as the Dyson on cleaning power, it’s not in the same price bracket either which makes it tempting, especially as it still gives good suction on most surfaces and gets a highly respectable 4.6/5 stars from the thousands who have rated it on Amazon.

Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet vacuum

The Bosch BCH61840GB Athlet is another very highly rated cordless vacuum. It is cheaper than the Dyson for those of you looking for a secondary handheld to go with an existing corded vacuum. However the (up to) 40min battery life it boasts – depending on which power setting you are using – puts it quite possibly in the ballpark of being a replacement for a traditional plug-in vacuum. In the words of Which it “delivers a phenomenal clean.” Plus it is hugely popular with the vast majority of those who have already purchased this vacuum too.

Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

If you are convinced by Dyson, and money is no object then the Dyson V6 Absolute boasts twice the suction of any other stick vacuum, as well as all the usual benefits of Dyson cordless vacuums. It also gets cracking reviews all round and is extremely popular with people who own one. The reason you need to be pretty flush to go for the Absolute, or REALLY like to push the boat out with your cleaning gadgets is the price tag. A not insignificant £430 at the time of writing. Ouch.

Frequently asked questions:

Can a cordless handheld vacuum replace a conventional vacuum cleaner?

Although the latest models in the cordless vacuum market giving conventional vacuum cleaners a good run for their money, it is generally thought that the majority can’t quite deliver a like-for-like swap just yet – predominantly due to battery life.

That said, how much they can do does depend on the size of your house, and how hard you work your vacuum cleaner. Vacuums in the Dyson V6 range can certainly manage a significant portion of your cleaning on one charge and are the perfect solution for the quick jobs that you don’t want to dig the big vacuum cleaner out for.

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