Smart gadgets

Your complete guide to smart gadgets:

✓ What is the latest on the market?

✓ What gadgets are too good to miss?

✓ Which smart gadgets make great gifts?

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Aside from the big guns of the smart home, wifi market – like smart lighting and smart thermostats – there is a positive avalanche of household gadgets being given a dose of intelligence and being freed from their wire shackles. From fridges that order your shopping, to kettles you boil from your bed, and plant feeders that keep your prize orchids flourishing while you sip piña coladas on the beach.

But which are the gadgets to add to your christmas list, and which should you give a wide-berth to? We check out the good, the bad and the seriously ugly in wireless and smart home technology.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Dyson V6

The days of untangling vacuum cords and running up and down stairs to switch sockets because the vacuum just…won’t…quite…reach could be over. An avalanche of cordless vacuum cleaners has arrived including traditional style uprights and handhelds that are a cut above anything that has gone before. But they aren’t cheap, so which are worth splashing some cash on, and which should be swept (ahem) aside.

We check out the options, and pick our favourite for The Wifi Pad.

Smart Pet Feeder

If you have a pet that you love like a member of your family – or possibly more than certain members of your family – you might be interested getting a smart pet feeder that allows you to keep an eye on your faithful friend and feed them when you are away. We check out the best on the market….

Smart Baby Monitors


We all go a bit nuts when our new bundles of joy arrive – and can be prone to buying all sorts of gubbins that are quickly consigned to the back of the cupboard. However, baby monitors are likely to be one of the most important purchases we make – but which model is the best out there?

Smart Plant Feeder

Smart plant feeder

Unless you specialise in cactuses, we’ve all had that moment when life’s been a bit busy and we’ve failed to notice that our plants are so parched they’re barely clinging to life. Could a smart plant feeder – which gives you the heads-up when your Hydrangeas need a drink – be just the solution?

Smart Kettles

Kettle square 640x640

It’s long been the dream to create a device that produces a hot cup of tea without you having to leave the warmth of your bed (or resort to rock, paper, scissors to see which of you bites the bullet). But will the smart kettle succeed where the humble teas-made did not? We take a look…

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitor

Your blood pressure is like a crystal ball to your future health. Regularly monitoring your blood pressure and making a few lifestyle adjustments can help you avoid some of the biggest silent killers we face. But are at home blood pressure monitors worth spending your money on?

Smart water bottles

Water pouring into a glass

Drinking enough water will be in any expert’s top three tips for people trying to improve their health and fitness. But if, like us, you rarely remember to top up, a smart water bottle could be the solution. But do we think a smart water bottle is a smart buy?