Smart fitness

All the latest in smart and wifi health and fitness gadgets:

✓ What’s the latest in wearable tech?

✓ Can smart sports equipment help you raise your game?

✓ Which gadgets aren’t worth splashing the cash on?

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Like, we suspect, many of our good readers, wifimypad will positively sling our money at any health and fitness gadgets that ‘promise’ to make getting healthy a much quicker, easier, and more efficient process.

The problem is, product developers out there know that, and it leaves us prone to paying a mint for gadgets that turn out to be useless and quickly find themselves gathering dust in the cupboard while we sit of the sofa, eating another doughnut and wondering why we’re so skint.

So, which of the smart health and fitness gadgets are really worth your cash, and which deserve a cold shower?

Smart bathroom scales

smartscales3-minSmart bathroom scales allow you to simply and conveniently monitor your weight changes over time, but with smart scales, it’s not just about the bottom line – no pun intended – you can see the all-important fat/muscle mass ratio, BMI and a wealth of other data to boot. The scale crunches all the numbers and you can check your stats whenever, and wherever, you want.

But which model gets our thumbs up?

Smart golf gadgets

Golfer taking a shot

You know that feeling when you hit the mother of all golf drives? No? Then you probably need a little help with your game. Luckily there are tons of smart golf gadgets out there promising to make you into Tiger Woods in no time. But which are the best?

Activity trackers

Man tying trainers up

If you are looking for that extra little motivation when it comes to exercising, an activity tracker could be the perfect solution. See every calorie burning, every step taken and give yourself a pat on the back. But which activity trackers do we rate?

Blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors

Your blood pressure is like a crystal ball to your future health. Monitoring your blood pressure and making a few small lifestyle adjustments can help you to avoid some of the biggest silent killers. But are blood pressure monitors worth spending your money on – or should it be left to the doctor?

Smart water bottles

Water pouring into a glass

Drinking enough water will be in any expert’s top three tips for people trying to improve their health and fitness. But if, like us, you rarely remember to top up, a smart water bottle could be the solution. But do we think a smart water bottle is a smart buy?


Tennis gadgets

Girl playing tennis

If you are looking for that something extra in your tennis game then some of the smart tennis gadgets currently on the market could help you out. But which of them are likely to leave you in a McEnroe-esque rage and which are a forehand winner?