How Wifimypad is funded

This site is completely free to use. All of our information guides, videos, and best buy lists are independent and unbiased – we are not paid to promote any specific brands or products.

When reviewing different products on wifimypad we run our own tests as much as possible, then we cross check with what other experts and customers like you are saying. All product information is based solely on what we genuinely think are the best performing products according to our criteria and which have earned their place in the list. You can read about our review criteria here.

Once a review or guide is complete, we then investigate whether affiliate links are available for any of the products we cover. That means we may receive a payment if a visitor uses a link on our site to buy a product via a retailer. We do not list products purely because we will receive a payment for them, and if a product we have featured does not have a paid link, nothing changes, it will appear in the article anyway.

Does clicking an affiliate link mean the product will cost you more?

No. The price you pay for a product will remain the same via a retailer regardless of whether it has an affiliate link attached, the only difference is that wifimypad may earn a payment which we can use to pay for the running costs of this site.


We also receive funding from the limited advertising spaces that feature on the site. We aim to keep advertising to a reasonable level to it doesn’t negatively affect your experience of our site. The information on our site is completely unaffected by any advertising that appears there.