Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

Sadly, it is not the chocolate chip variety, and although website cookies are clearly less tasty, they can be far more useful.

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to your computer when you visit this, and in fact any other, website. Cookies do not need to be feared! They are harmless and can even improve your experience of a website.


Well, cookies provide us with useful information that allows us to treat you as an individual, rather than just another visitor and means we can tailor your experience on our site. They can be used to check if you have visited the site before, can remember your preferences and see how you navigate the site.

More generally it tells us which pages are proving to be useful to our visitors and which we really need to pull our socks up on. We want this site to be great – and cookies help us know what is and isn’t working.

As we also work with a number of third parties via the site, cookies also allow us to provide relevant advertising and limit the irrelevant stuff, and give you the option of buying products to you want via

None of the cookies on our site collects sensitive information such as your address or payment details.

You can adjust the cookie settings on your device to block or limit cookies – see below for instructions, however bear in mind that this will prevent parts of our site from working as effectively.

By using this service you are giving us consent to use cookies.

What sort of cookies do we use?

Essential cookies

These are cookies that allow basic functionality on our site. The essential cookies we use are:

Cookie information coming soon!


Performance cookies

These cookies get information about the way you have used the site and whether you are a returning visitor. They measure errors (gasp!) and report page statistics so we can improve how the site works.

These are the performance cookies:

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Functionality cookie

Functionality cookies allow website to remember choices you have made and personalise your experience for future visits.

These are the functionality cookies we use:

Cookie information coming soon!


Marketing cookies

Clearly, we want to avoid annoying our visitors with tons of inappropriate advertising and junk and putting your off coming back. That’s where marketing cookies come in. These cookies allow us to customise any advertising that appears on the site to make marketing relevant and useful for our visitors and limit that which isn’t.

Marketing cookies we use:

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Third party cookies and social sharing

On this site you will also come across some third party cookies that appear when you visit a page that has content embedded from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

These cookies are not controlled by us, but you can read the relevant policies below:

Twitter privacy policy

Facebook privacy policy

YouTube (Google) privacy policy

Flickr privacy policy

How long will the cookies stay on my computer?

Unlike actual cookies, there are just two varieties of cookie: ‘session’ cookies, which disappear as soon as you stop browsing, and ‘persistent’ cookies which stay for a set amount of time or until they are manually deleted.

Changing your cookie settings

Most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies but you can adjust your settings to prevent (or enable if you have previously switch the option off) automatic acceptance of cookies. But remember, switching this option off may prevent sections of wifimypad from working properly.


Internet Explorer:

–    Select: Tools

–    Select: Internet Options

–    Select: Privacy

–    Select: Advanced

–    Select: Override automatic cookie handling

–    Then set your preferences as required


Google Chrome:

–    Select: the wrench icon on the browser toolbar (or the three lines in the top right corner if the wrench isn’t an option)

–    Select: Settings

–    Select: Show advanced settings

–    Select: Privacy/Content settings

–    Select: Cookies

–    Then set your preferences as required


Mozilla Firefox

–    Select: Tools

–    Select: Options

–    Select: Privacy

–    Then set your preferences as required


Safari 5.0

–    Select: Safari

–    Select: Preferences

–    Select: Security

–    Then set your preferences as required