Why do you persist in fiddling about with plug-in timers so you don’t get burgled while you’re out? Or on getting out of the bath to answer the door to a man flogging you an overpriced pack of sponges? Why pass up the chance to go away for a weekend because the cat’ll need feeding and your neighbour hates moggies? And don’t forget the occasion your plants all died while you were on holiday. Not to mention all those times when it’s brass monkeys and you are on your way home to a house that is going to feel like someone dropped an icicle down your undercrackers…

All of these things belong in the past, alongside that experimental mullet phase, and tie-dye clothing.

That’s why we started wifimypad.com.

Wifimypad.com is a one stop website for everything you want to know about having a connected and wireless home. Whether you are in the market for one particular item or are doing up your house and want everything to be awesome….and by ‘awesome’ we mean beautiful, brag-worthy, and controllable remotely and reliably at the touch of a button.

Whether you really know your stuff or are totally new to smart, wireless living; are all about the high end or take a keener interest getting the best bang for your buck, we make it simple to discover all of your options, and easy to find the very best and most highly recommended products on the market.

We spend hours trawling the web to find the best smart and wireless products so you don’t have to. It’ll all be here on wifimypad.com.

‘The Wifi Pad’

As we aim to (mostly!) practise what we preach we’ll be testing out loads of technology in ‘The Wifi Pad’ – our technology test laboratory a.k.a. our homes. Babies will be gurgling into wifi baby monitors, cats will be fed by – hopefully reliable – wifi pet feeders, feet will be warmed with wifi controlled heating and tunes will be pumped into every corner of The Wifi Pad. Then all the results will be posted on the site to help you choose the products you want for your home.

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